Holiday Decorations

JBG SMITH requests your cooperation to ensure the proper and safe usage of holiday trees and other decorations.  All holiday trees and decorations should be displayed in compliance with the following specifications:

  • Live trees are not permitted in tenant office suites.
  • Artificial trees must be flame-proofed to the satisfaction of the Fire Marshal.
  • Artificial trees must be properly placed.  Trees must not block an exit door or obscure an exit sign.
  • Only decorations of non-flammable material are permitted.
  • Candles or flame decorations are not permitted.
  • Electric wiring may not be used on metallic trees.  Metallic trees may be illuminated by use of spotlights placed at a safe distance.
  • Electric lights used on trees must conform to the appropriate jurisdictional electric code and be U.L. approved.
  • Holiday decorations are not permitted on the exterior building windows.