Flooding and Water Emergencies

The first priority is to ensure that no personal injury occurs as the result of a flood.  The second priority is to discover the cause and prevent or minimize additional flooding.

Once the flooding has been contained, clean-up operations will commence.  Tenants will need to contact their insurance carrier for any damage to their property.

Flooding Inside the Building

  • Immediately contact the Property Management Office.
  • Turn off all sources of electricity in flood area if safe to do so.
  • Identify source of flood and control if possible.
  • Keep clear of any area with wet electrical equipment.
  • Relocate valuables if possible.

Flooding Outside the Building

Flash floods, water main breaks, storm surge:

  • Contact the Property Management Office.
  • Turn off all electrical equipment on ground and below grade floors.
  • Relocate to above street level if necessary.
  • Call 911 for any injuries.

Water Supply Problems

For a loss of water supply or a tainted supply:

  • Contact the Property Management Office.
  • Refrain from using restrooms or drinking fountains.
  • Await further instructions from property management.